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Oliver has been fortunate enough to take part in many exciting projects and collaborations. Most recently he has written a piece for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and for string orchestra, he also composed the music for a recent short film by Bounds Films. Oliver has also written for the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG) and curated a charity concert featuring his own orchestral piece performed by Birmingham Conservatoire students. 

During his studies he also worked with Ed Bennett's Decibel ensemble and wrote music for the Flatpack Film Festival and Birmingham Thinktank Planetarium. In 2019, his composition Ascent was chosen by Flybmi airline as their boarding music.

In 2022 his piece was chosen as the winning composition in the West Midlands Platinum Jubilee Music Competition, as a result of this he worked with Master of the Queen's Music Judith Weir and the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.


Frequencies  (for flute, 2019) - recording

Isolation  (for electric guitars, 2020) - recording

Adhuc  (for euphonium, 2021)


Liber Abaci  (for piano, clarinet and viola, 2019) - recording

Death is A Dialogue Between  (for piano and cello, 2019) - recording

Waltz for Debby  (for bass clarinet, viola and double bass, 2021) - recording

Sculptures  (for three recorders and chamber organ, 2021)

Point-Counter  (for violin and cello, 2022) - recording

Peripatetic  (for string quartet and two clarinets, 2022) - recording


Pretty Ugly  (for violin, recorder, clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, piano, drum set, electric guitar and bass guitar/double bass, 2020) - recording

No Breaks but Loops  (for BCMG, 2022) 


Ascent  (for orchestra, 2019) - recording

Spaceports End Credits  (for orchestra and the Birmingham Planetarium, 2020) - recording

Borealis  (for string orchestra, 2022) - recording

Saint Martha and The Dragon  (for orchestra, 2022) - recording

Lighting Our Way the Gracious Throne  (for SATB choir and orchestra, 2022) - recording


Solo I  (for cello and electronics, 2019) - recording 

Reuse  (2019) - recording

Charmouth  (2022) - recording


Les Astronautes  (for the Flatpack Film Festival)

A Bona-Fide Legend  (Android mobile game)

Space Ports  (for a 10 minute show at the Birmingham Thinktank Planetarium)

Dying to Meet You  (short film from Bounds Films, 2022)

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